Build Your Self Esteem By Conquering Challenges

Do you feel as though you’re in a rut?  Do you feel like you’re not engaging or entertaining? This can be quite normal for a business owner who is always feeling like nothing is being achieved.  When you are ready to start steering into the right direction, and you don’t want to settle for a mundane life, you will discover that you need to start challenging yourself.

When you take on a challenge head first, you’re forcing yourself to grow. When your self-esteem needs a boost, challenging yourself everyday can help you see yourself in a new light.  Imagine what this can do for your business!

What Kind of Challenges Should I Pursue?

No matter what type of challenge you undertake, don’t assume you’re going to get started on it “sometime soon.” Think about what steps you need to take to get there today.  Whether it involves making some phone calls or getting some professional training, make some time to get it done as soon as possible.  Procrastination can be your worst enemy.  

  • If you feel the need to change the direction of your business, then seek help from a Coach and get this started. 
  • If you feel your record keeping or bookkeeping is out of control, then get onto your accountant immediately to sort this out, or find yourself a new Accountant. 
  • If you challenge yourself to achieve better health, get in touch with a  nutritionist or join up with the local gym for and advice and accountability. 
  • If you always wanted to learn some new skills, research these now and get started.

Don’t delay when something is this important, but remember that moving slowly is much better than not moving at all.  When you want to make sure you’re achieving the results that you deserve, you’ll discover that choosing to move at all is a big step. Research has proven that we all thrive when we are accountable in some way to someone.  A great place to start is having a Business Coach for your Business, or a Personal Trainer for your fitness.  

Any Business owner who is struggling with improving the performance of their Business growth can often be likened to the definition of Insanity – “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”.  In a recent assignment, a client came to me seeking some help to improve the performance of his business.  He was perplexed that he had been doing the same thing for many years and perfected it – but there was no growth.  He definitely thought he was going insane!

Practice Setting Goals and Holding Yourself Accountable

Another way you can start conquering small challenges is by setting achievable goals.  For instance, if you feel like your day is non-productive and you have worked the who day with nothing to show, then maybe Time Management is what we need to work on.  Then you need to set yourself a goal to plan out your next day before you go home at night.  Set out what you want to achieve and build this into your plan.  Start doing this every night and soon it will become a habit. It’s very likely that you will become more productive when you have a limited amount of time to accomplish your simple challenge. So if you only have 15 minutes to concentrate on your challenge, then make the best use of it and simply focus your energy on making it the most productive 15 minutes of your day.  It’s all about time management.  

Measure Your Progress Regularly

In order to build your self-esteem, you regularly need to see how far you’ve come.  Make sure you keep track of your progress on a regular basis.  I am a great believer in “if you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it!”

  • Keep a diary that lists what you have set out to do and all you’ve accomplished in that day. 
  • Keep a list of all books you read last month. 
  • Keep a Gym journal to track how many times a week you’ve been exercising .

Over time, you’ll find that this is a great way to keep yourself moving forward.  Looking at past progress is a great way to replicate your success, so keep note of how far you’ve come.

If you do not measure your progress, then it is very hard to manage and to make corrections as you go along.  Your Coach will continually check-in and have a process in place to keep you accountable. So will your Personal Trainer.

The Power of Accountability

If you’re struggling to challenge yourself, remember that you can get someone else to work with you.  Even on a personal level, if you have any goals that you and your loved ones share, take the time to talk about these regularly.  Make some time and see if you can encourage each other. This encouragement will help to build your self-esteem because you’ll see progress toward your goal.

We must always strive for constant self-improvement. In doing so, we’ll see just how capable and competent we really are!