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Why Choose MKS Group Xero Accountants?


Xero Partner since 2010. Our experience means you can get trusted advice and assistance when it comes to all Xero accounting needs.

Platinum Champion Partner

As a Xero Platinum Champion Partner, we are in the top 2% of Xero Partners in Australia. So regardless of where your business is we are here to serve you, locally and nationwide.

Certified Xero Advisor

Our specialist accountants live work and breathe Xero on a daily basis. We have a strong understanding and practical knowledge of how to use Xero with clients.

Looking to utilise Xero Accounting Software?

Certified Xero Accountants Melbourne & Australia-wide

We are a team of certified Xero accountants located in Melbourne, offering our services to clients throughout Australia with the assistance of Xero software. Our expertise and passion for working with Xero enable us to provide comprehensive Xero accounting services and in-depth training courses. Whether you are a Start-Up or an established business, regardless of the number of years you’ve been operating, our Xero certified advisors are committed to ensuring your proficiency in using Xero.

At our firm, we recognize the desire for enhanced efficiency in business operations, and we share that goal. This is where Xero bookkeeping becomes invaluable. We have successfully guided numerous clients, ranging from major franchise groups to family businesses and sole operators, in transitioning from other accounting programs to Xero cloud accounting. Whether you prefer desktop, cloud-based, or a hybrid approach, we can assist you in optimizing your accounting processes.

Starting a New Business? Switch to Xero today

Starting your own business is exciting, scary and hard work. So we know that you need to be on top of your numbers more than ever. At MKS Group, we are one of Australia’s leading Xero accountant partners. Being Xero partners means we are all Xero certified advisors and have a wealth of experience in setting up new businesses on this software. As Xero consultants, we are committed to ensuring Xero cloud accounting is tailored for your business requirements.

Setting up Xero cloud accounting goes beyond activating direct bank feeds. We often see business Xero files incorrectly set up or not set up to their full potential. Being Xero integration partners we ensure that your business is getting the most from your business accounting software. Having Xero set up for payroll, fixed assets, templates, & reminders give you the best opportunity to do your work seamlessly and creates more time for your business.

Real Time Cloud Based Accounting Can Be Beautiful with Xero

Knowing your numbers is key to improving business performance. What if you could access your numbers in real-time, any time, any place, and on any device? Can it also be beautiful to look at? This is all possible with Xero accounting software.

  • Cost-Effective
  • Cloud-based accounting software
  • For large corporations to small business owners
  • Traveling for work or pleasure and need access? All you need is your smart device and internet connection.

We recommend all of our clients use Xero cloud accounting. In fact, we know and love Xero so much that we are Xero Platinum partners, meaning we have extensive experience and knowledge with using Xero. The reason is simple – we partner with the best cloud-based Accounting system for small and medium businesses.

Go Further With Our Xero Training Courses

At MKS Group we are #MoreThanJustNumbers and we illustrate this by offering Xero training courses. We believe that understanding how to use Xero accounting software is beneficial for you to get the most out of the software. It is not enough to just set up Xero and optimise it if you don’t know how to use the software. 

Ran in a classroom setting (or pre-recorded options online) by our Xero certified accountants, we run full-day and short courses.

We provide face-to-face training specific to both your business and your industry, so you leave with proficient knowledge of Xero cloud accounting software and how it will best suit your needs.

Learn more about each course by clicking the buttons above.

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Check out Xero Training Courses offered at MKS Group

    Xero Payroll

    Course Type
    Duration Approx. 2.5 hours
    $220 + GST

    Looking to become a wiz at payroll within Xero? Tackle payroll head-on with Kristian in an interactive session and covers:

    • Xero Payroll Set-up
    • Xero Payroll Processing + Timesheets

    Xero Essentials

    Course Type
    Duration Approx. 3 hours
    $220 + GST

    Perfect for new Xero users or advanced users looking to refresh their knowledge, the Xero essentials course covers:

    • Xero for First-Time Users
    • Xero Bank Reconciliation
    • Xero Invoice and Bills

    Xero Complete Package

    Course Type
    Duration Approx. 6.5 hours
    $320 + GST

    Get the complete Xero training experience with our Xero expert and course provider Kristian. The ONE-DAY training session covers everything provided in the Xero essentials and Xero payroll packages. Saving you $100 when booking in for the complete package. Whether that be to upskill or advance your career, our team are in your corner to help you grow.

    Xero for First Time Users

    Course Type
    Online self-paced
    Duration Approx. 30 Minutes
    $20 + GST

    This course is designed and ideal for participants just starting out with the Xero program as first-time users, or those transitioning from other accounting platforms and assumes no prior knowledge of Xero Accounting Software.

    Xero Bank Reconciliation

    Course Type
    Online self-paced
    Duration Approx. 30 Minutes
    $70 + GST

    This course is designed to assist you in performing a bank reconciliation and knowing what to do when things don’t balance. You'll learn what issues and mis-typing happen in most businesses and how to avoid these errors from occurring.

    Xero Invoices & Bills

    Course Type
    Online self-paced
    Duration Approx. 1 hour
    $70 + GST

    This course is designed to take you through everything you need to know about setting up templates, repeating invoices and payment services in Xero - so you can speed up the issuing and collecting of money.

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