How did you do in February 2020?

The end of Summer is nearly here and very soon we are all going to be raking up leaves around our properties.  Obviously that will take time out of our already busy schedules and it’s just one more thing that we have to do.  I don’t know about you, but I would rather not do that, nor do I like pulling out pesky weeds from the garden.  Some might find this relaxing, but if there’s something more exciting on offer, I will take it.

Working on your business (as opposed to working in it), is also something that we all need to make time to do.  I am yet to find a business owner who doesn’t agree with this, but I’m also yet to find a business owner who does this religiously and on a regular basis.  Last month I spoke about how we do it at MKS Group.    I also started questioning my clients on what their vision is for the year leading in to how much time they spend on their business.  One client in particular, whose business is still in the infancy stage, was all over it.  He was able to articulate exactly what his vision is and the plans he has to grow his business into the future.  It is all documented and ready to action.  But don’t just take my word for it.  Let me introduce Anthony Moffitt from Stotan Group and let Anthony speak for himself.

Anthony Moffitt, Stotan Group

Eisenhower said, “the plan is nothing; planning is everything”. As an ex SAS Team Commander, this is right on point for me as I journey from the battlefield to the boardroom. I keep our plan, or strategy, on my screen saver as daily reminder to make sure we are on track. This is a point we make to our clients; visiting strategy once a year, even quarterly, is no longer acceptable. The acuteness of the combined impacts of the COVID-19 virus and bushfires highlights that if business X waited to a Q3 review of its strategic plan, many of the impacts would have already taken effect. This is why many businesses are stuck in a reactive spiral, the downside of which includes decreased employee certainty and satisfaction, increased stress, and suboptimal performance and impact.

Stotan Group is a human performance consulting group who specialize in individual, team and organizational performance; we exist because humans are more important than hardware. Our PURPOSE is to inspire and improve humans wherever they are found. Our VISION is a community in which humans and teams thrive & flourish because … humans are more important than hardware. Our VALUES are Health & Wellbeing, Learning & Teaching, Sense of Community, Ethical Conduct, and Teamwork. Our MISSION is to build small teams of specialists capable of deploying into any organisation or environment and solve complex human problems using world class human performance programs. Our STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES are Build a team of teams; Create a Stotan community; Nurture entrepreneurialism; Develop world class practices; Achieve ethical sustainability & accountability; and, be professionally renown & humble. Each of these objectives has below it individual integrated action plans and roadmaps. The image is of what I, we, look at every day when we log on. It allows us to quickly orientate, observe, decide and act (i.e., OODA-loop), or not. Every meeting and gathering starts with a few mins on our purpose, vision, mission and restating our strategic objectives, followed by the question “does it still make sense?”.

As we see it, the challenge for businesses in a world where volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity, and paradox prevail is how do you ingrain the strategic imperatives for the business? How do you drive these into the business? The benefits of achieving this range from increased employee certainty and satisfaction to enhanced performance and impact. Lesson learned: spend more time developing your strategy and then make planning part of your daily habits.


Thank you Anthony for sharing the Purpose, Values, Mission & Strategic Objectives you have set for the Stotan Group.  This is a very generous share and I am sure that anyone reading this will gain some extreme benefits for their business.

I challenge you, the readers, to contact me to share your Purpose, Values, Vision & Strategic Objectives of your business !!!  At MKS Group, we share our details on our website and I invite you to pay us a visit to see how we can help you with yours.

2020 is still here and you have time to get your house in order.  Let’s work together to get your business thriving with a clear roadmap to achieve your goals.

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