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One Page Business Plan Strategy

At MKS Group Our Business Mentoring Professionals Help You Create A One Page Business Plan To Give You Clarity & Support Growth For Your Business Strategy

Gone are the days where we need to prepare a business plan that spreads over 50 to 100 pages of information that we will never visit again.  Imagine having a road map for your business all in one page. At MKS, our trained consultants will work with you to prepare a one page business plan to guide you to achieving the required results.

The one page business strategy will unleash your business’s identity, define exactly what you are selling and to who, uncover your WHY and not forgetting how we get the message across to your customers.  Have you ever dreamed about what success really looks like?  Avoid chasing your tail. Grab a pen and write down your dream of success.  Your one page business plan will define this and the business plan outline will direct you to achieving this goal.

The objectives of a business plan are simple.  You will have clarity around the steps you need to comfortably get to the point where these goals are achieved.  Your one page plan will map out who to scalable your business needs to be and the strategy to achieve this. A scalable business is the key to remaining competitive and maintaining standards during the growth phase.

Your one page business plan will define your scaling strategy without the need for a multitude of pages that no one will ever read again.  You will see at a glance how scalable your business really is and the resources required to achieve this.

The team at MKS will work with you and uncover your business potential by providing the road map you thought you never had.  Don’t drive your business with a blind fold on – work with the team at MKS to guide you to this path.

Simplifying One Page Business Plans Tailored For Small Businesses & Startups

Having a one page startup business plan (instead of a one hundred page plan) is the most effective way of steering your startup business to success.  A simple one page business plan will give you a full road map to success on one page with a clear vision of where your startup is heading.

The one page business plan structure is designed for businesses that are in the startup phase, the growth phase, or a business simply looking for sustainable business growth.  Creating a business plan does not need to be a difficult task. The team at MKS will work one on one with you to achieve 3 important things:

  1. Simplify your business dream into reality.  By documenting your small business strategy into a simple one page plan, you are more likely to refer to it regularly rather than having to read a multitude of pages.
  2. Organise the things that are ticking away in your brain.  The MKS team will work to help you document these “things” to help you scale your small business
  3. Prioritisation  of the important “things” ticking away and working on achieving results from the low hanging fruit and scaling following the business scaling strategy to achieve your best results.

Being forced to simplify, organise and prioritise will also help with employee engagement and everyone following the same road map.  After all, we want to get from point A to point B in the most efficient and economical way.  

Our Team at MKS are ready to work with you and prepare the business plan for your small business and get your one page business strategy underway.  There is no time like NOW to get started.

A Business Plan That Supports A Sustainable Business Scaling Strategy

Are you ready to start scaling your business? Are you wanting to implement a business strategy for your small business?  Do you have a scalable business model for your business? If you have answered YES to either of these questions, then you need to contact the Team at MKS to work with you on a strategic growth plan for your small business or startup.

The hardest thing about creating a business plan is actually finding the energy and momentum to get started.  Thinking about the pages and pages that you need to write is where most people turn off. At MKS, our team have the energy – this will rub off on you – and your one page business plan will happen.  Our Team will work with you to extract the vital components of the one page business plan, including:

  • Your business strategy
  • Scaling a business
  • Growth strategy
  • Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges
  • Employee engagement
  • Marketing opportunities
  • Develop your “Why”
  • Bring out your Big Hairy Audatious Goal (BHAG)
  • Milestones
  • Budgets for the next 12 months
  • Quarterly targets and the steps to achieve these targets
  • Small business strategy
  • Identify your competitors – what are they doing? What should you be doing?
  • Identifying your products – what are you selling? What should you be selling?

All of this will be on one page – think of it as small chunks all on one page – a one page business model – one page that you can share with your team and ensure you have everyone aligned to the success of the business

A great way to look at your business plan is to think of it as a one page business model or a road map.  We all want to go from Point A to Point B, but we want to get there as quickly and as efficiently as we can.  Without a road map, this will be pretty difficult.

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