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MKS Group Business Growth

Achieve business projections

Taking the leap from traditional employment to run your own business is a bold move – and one that deserves to be congratulated.

At MKS, we understand the unique challenges business owners face – and we deliver cost-effective service that helps your business grow.

Managing a successful business is not about buying yourself a job – it’s about developing and building a valuable asset that can help form an important part of your financial security.

To help your business survive – and thrive – in an increasingly competitive market, you need the support and professional insights that experienced business accounting professionals can provide.

We’ll help you set KPI’s and keep you on track with benchmark monitoring, business performance reviews and accountability meetings.

If you’re serious about your business success, choosing MKS Group is one of the best business decisions you’ll ever make.

Small Business – We celebrate you.

We celebrate small business owners – you have taken a step towards a different future. When you want to take it even further, it’s important to surround yourself with knowledge you can trust – including business advice that understands your goals and the obstacles that can sometimes get in your way.

It’s also important to have the right tools so you can concentrate on your business , rather than spending hours on bookkeeping, chasing income and so on.

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Owning a business is rewarding but growing your business can be challenging. With our team of experienced small business experts there for you, you benefit from focused advice, support and guidance to take your business to the next level.
Growing your Business

Take advantage of our clever tools to help you realise and track your businesses potential.

Try our TRUST method as a first step to growth

Good Accounting Practices

At the heart of any successful business there is a good accounting system and bookkeeping function (either managed in-house or through MKS Group) to manage its dynamic growth phase. This often calls for a full revamp of your current system and investing in new cloud technology that is agile and in REAL TIME, such as Xero.

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At MKS Group, our services also include:

  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Sales / Revenue Analysis
  • Reviewing your customers
  • Expense / Cost Analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Profitability analysis and
  • Our GROWTH equation that can showing you just how valuable your business really is.

Take advantage of our clever tools to help you realise and track your businesses potential. Try our TRUST method as a first step to growth

Business growth – Next steps

Successful businesses often outgrow their existing business structure. At MKS Group, we can assess your current business structure and advise the best structures for your evolving business.

Business Networking

Because we do more, our clients benefit from the experience of our team within in the MKS Group and beyond it. You’ll enjoy the exclusive access to our extensive business networks within the MKS community to help your business grow and prosper.